The Challenge

Spielgaben tried to run their first crowdfunding campaign through Pozible to target Australian parents but didn't reach their crowdfunding goal. Since they have a new version under production, they've decided to try it again - on Indiegogo. But this time, with us.


Market Segmentation, Data Gathering, and Expanding Reach.

We've approached the project with market segmentation and data gathering as the first step. This research is critical to get those paying customers and supporters to help escalate your business. During this phase, we have been targeting Australian users before, and we thought that widening the market could potentially increase our reach and success rate. And so, we have added the United States and the United Kingdom to our targeted location for our next crowdfunding campaign.

We have also been targeting different people and persona. In the end, we have narrowed down the market segments to come up with our primary market. We've used Facebook Audience, current website data, sales data, and customer demographics data. After we finished market segmentation, we have created a layout and content optimization. We created a wireframe for the landing page, execute it, and optimize the crowdfunding page on Indiegogo.


Winning it with Facebook and Influencers.

We used Facebook for marketing and outreach. We ran ads. We published posts with a sales pitch. We’ve found the potential Facebook pages where our target customers hung out and collaborated with their administrators. We've also created two types of post: link and engagement with the major roles to either encourage, entertain, or educate our target users while driving traffic or engagement.


We’ve also run an influencer outreach and built a relationship with influencers. Then, we incentivize these influencers.

We have found out that the best thing for Spielgaben to escalate and to increase awareness is by getting reviews from educators and parents. And that’s what we did, but with a little twist. We gave free Spielgaben sets to help them test it firsthand to their kids and see if it works or not so they could create an honest review. Fortunately, a fantastic product like Spielgaben inevitably produced positive results for kids’ learning and play.

Finally, once the posts about Spielgaben made by themselves were live, we asked them to help us spread the word about our crowdfunding campaign by putting it on the review post and sharing it on their social media profiles.


Spielgaben Succeeded in Crowdfunding and Achieved 1090% Funding Goal, Generating Over $160,000 in 30 Days.

We have reached our target goal in just two days and have raised 1090% of our original goal after we hit the deadline for a total of $163,534 in 1 month.

"I have been working with many marketing agencies for last few years, and none of them generate better results than Enamtila."

jim-kim-testimonialJim Kim
CEO, Spielgaben

This is just the beginning

Spielgaben has become one of the top crowdfunding projects in Australia with the most funds raised. After the campaign, Spielgaben was featured in famous magazines and news media, further increasing their influence, leads, and sales. Today, Spielgaben remains to be one of the best educational wooden toys for kids in the world, not only in Australia.

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